Unique Mother of the Bride Speech Example

Writing a great mother of the bride wedding speech is a fairly complex thing to do, with essential elements and parts to keep in mind. What do you need to look after when editing your mother of the bride speech? The following tips should all be taken into consideration

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  • Make sure to include every single piece of essential information you’d like to talk about. I repeat: essential information only
  • Have your own uniqueness. Wouldn’t be nice if someone did a Google search on your speech and then found out that you copied that speech from someone else!
  • Show your acceptance and understanding, even if you have “feelings” that the wedding should’ve been delayed or that the groom isn’t the right person or anything like it. A lot of mothers fail to realize that their daughters’ soul mates are the men making their daughters happy. Your daughter has different tastes and personality, which means that she wouldn’t like the same type of men you would. That’s why the above mentioned feelings are mostly wrong and should be ignored. Even if you are certain of your feelings, show positive feelings during the wedding speech, but never negative ones.
  • Try including some jokes if you like – however, this is not at all mandatory or necessary. I’ve heard great speeches without one joke being said, whereas I heard speeches flooded with jokes which were also great and meaningful.
  • Do not ignore formalities. Yes, you might say they are boring but listen – what would you think about the President if he’d ignore being formal and would talk in a jargon? Wouldn’t make him a good president, would it?
  • Share stories (short stories) that have an essential thing to say, an important life lesson to teach.

I am now jumping straight into the mother of the bride speech example, but remember that it isn’t here for copy pasting. However, I strongly endorse that you use ideas presented here, that you use the style presented here, but only if it’s adequate for your daughter’s wedding.
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“Good afternoon everyone! My name is Jessica and I’m the mother of Elisa. I am very proud to be celebrating my daughter’s wedding with so many people present here and I wish to thank you for everything, especially being thankful to everyone who had to sacrifice something or had a hard time getting here on time.
Elisa is like the spark and the sunshine in my life and I have finally reached the day when she’s getting married to a lovely man who will take care of her. Mike, I am really happy to have you in my family and I strongly believe that you are the best choice for my daughter, I feel throughout my daughter’s heart and soul that she has all of the love in the world for you. Yes, she loves you more than anything, but I know you love her as well and I also know that you were always the first person here, whenever Elisa needed help.Elisa was too innocent until the age of 15. I thought she’s never going to grow up, but she finally did. Don’t misunderstand me – she was innocent in the most special way and only today I am able to understand that her innocence did teach me a lot of things. She was always that one girl who didn’t refuse playing with dolls when smaller 3-4-5 year old girls asked her. Her girlfriends would make fun of her, saying that she can’t put the Barbie toys down. Elisa was wonderful, because she didn’t initiate any arguments, she didn’t want to prove herself right nor wrong. She just let others believe what they wanted and she went on her own path.Everybody loved Elisa and I’m not saying this because she is my daughter, I am saying this because it’s so true. I remember when she fractured her leg during a basketball match and she ended up in hospital. She was the only 17 years old girl who had so many visitors that the hospital management continuously tried to stop so many teenagers from coming in. she was getting small gifts, a chocolate, an orange – regardless of what the gifts were, she got the best gift in life: true friendship. All those young girls and boys of her age, running to her, hugging her and telling her: “Elisa, darling, I love you so much! I miss you, I hope you get better, I am so anxious to go to a walk with you sometime!” It was wonderful.Then, at the age of 19, she met Mike. I didn’t think it was too serious because she didn’t have any long relationships before, but when they had been dating for 2 years already I started to see the glow on Elisa’s face: she was happy! I remember that she has been more helpful at home, more dedicated to all of what she’s been doing before. Mike just impressively brought light and happiness into my daughter’s life.I also remember the day Mike was introduced to me. I never thought or never hoped that such gentlemen still exist. I was just thinking: “oh, dear God, please make this relationship last” and so it was! They’re both 24 now and they know that it is destiny for them to be together forever.Let me tell you something about marriage, something that I learned. If you want to live happily within the marriage, always take care of each other. But that doesn’t mean taking care when you’re sick. It’s all about the small joys of life, the small things that could eventually turn an average day into the perfect day, all of the small gestures that bring joy and happiness. Whenever you do something you’re embarrassed of: don’t deny it, don’t try to keep your mouth shut! That’s a huge mistake! Confess to each other and learn to forgive each other and you will be happy!Thanks everyone for helping us in organizing the wedding and thanks everyone for listening to my speech and I hope you enjoyed it!

Let us toast to the happiness of Mike and Sarah!”


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