Tips for Bride’s Mother Speech in 2014

Like in life, at a wedding many situations can occur that will take you by surprise, then the most important thing is not to panic, just stay calm and think of a solution that will help you make the next step. Let’s just say that you’ve written your mother of the bride speech and you’ve rehearsed with the correct mimic in front of a mirror with your family and friends, while they were being gathered together to support you and to help you with new and interesting ideas. All in all, you’ve succeed to create those perfect ideas that matched together to make a cursive and very attracting and good quality speech. Here you will find 25 Speech Examples mother of the bride wedding speechBut you, as a mother of the bride, are put in some situations that you will have to overcome, so what then? Well in those cases, here are some tips which will help you a lot to face some crisis situations that involve speeches, situations which won’t be an impediment in your daughter’s wedding with the chosen one of her heart. More Mother of the Bride Speeches Here Let’s just assume a few different situations in which you’ll have to rapidly take some important decisions that will also change the course of your speech and the way of presenting it. You will, as a mother, be put in the scene fact of speaking in the place of your late husband and the father of your daughter. This is of course one of the emotional types of speeches that will mark the audience and the emotions of the newly wedding couple.

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So like in any other family, the crucial point is how much of your speech you’ll concentrate on their relationship as daughter to father. You’ll have to keep in mind that this is a happy day, not a day of regret and sorrow, so it’s for the best to make a description that involves a lot of the good moments the two of them had, and how proud he was of his daughter achievements. A second situation that might occur in other cases of the mother of the bride speech could be classified as the absence of your husband and her father as well. In this case it is for the best not to put in light negative and painful feelings that might have been in your heart as in your daughter’s. You can contribute a lot by bringing a ray of light in this wedding, so it would be wise if this is the case not to make a long speech and not to speak about her father. And in the case you’ll remind him, try to make it in expressions that are more objective than subjective, because this is an import day for you both so you don’t want to make it wrong. Also, you can encounter the situation of your husband being too shy or too emotional to be able to speak in front of an audience. If this is the case as the mother of the bride speech, you should make your husband feel involved in this speech by using a subjective manner and referring to both of you as a couple making the wishes to the bride and the groom. To avoid any confusion, you should explain in a short funny and emotional tone your husband’s behavior. This is sometimes necessary, as some men might be over-emotional or too shy to speak. But if the situation is that you are a good speaker, then you can use this to make it for the best in your daughter’s wedding. Just don’t let it stretch and become a television show, make it fun, keep it short not to bore the people who are listening and if your husband has a speech too, make sure that you don’t use the same expressions, the same stories or the same memories. Be original and natural in everything that you’re writing. When writing your speech as a mother of the bride, make sure that the finally resulting mother of the bride speech should involve those family members or friends who wanted to enjoy and be part of this important day of the bride and the groom and that they have travelled a lot to participate. Your speech should mention not only your daughter but also your son-in-law and how he contributes to her happiness. Now he is part of your family as well so don’t forget to receive him properly. But like any other extended family there is also the groom’s family. So in your speech, make them as well feel accepted and integrated in the new family. It’s really important to connect with all of them so choose to feel them welcomed by using an adequate body language, a proper body posture and an eye look will make the difference for the best. Give them the thanks for their part of contribution and how this meant a lot for both of your children, create that special bondage that should be present in each and every family, that bondage that makes your children feel loved and supported by both of the families. The accent of your speech will have a deep impact if you pause between sentences and some words that you want it to be remarked, this way you reveal those emotional states that will be very appreciated by many people. You can also address to the mothers and how huge is this day, or to the couples that started in this journey, or to the families, and the fathers and what a great happiness this opportunity represents. It’s like they are not losing their daughter to another man, but they are gaining a son. As a mother, your mother of the bride speech could come in front, and be of the first speeches so don’t make it too appear too dull and too long, don’t make it for a quarter of an hour as you are not in a session: you are at your daughter’s wedding. Also, everybody knows that the connection between a mother and her daughter that became a bride is very deep and very emotional. In this case it’s good to use that heart to heart connection, but don’t let it affect the speech and become too emotional because then it might become too boring for the ones who are listening. Keep all in the balance of a natural and well-structured speech and you can use also a little teasing, or add to it a funny matter. In your speech you can involve some of your daughter’s achievements, like her graduations or any other marking events in her life, but don’t list all her life because she is not at a job application. For your speech content you can also ask about other opinions from people such as: her fiancée. You can, for instance, ask him with what impression he remained when he first saw her, or some memories that are described by her friends or from impressions from her brothers or sisters. With all these tips you’ll be able to make a good speech that at the end of a wedding day will leave your daughter very thankful to you as a mother and you won’t regret a thing.


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