Preparing and Delivering a Bride’s Mother Wedding Speech

It all starts with the most important affirmation that a mother can get from her daughter: “I’m getting married, mom”. This is one of the most important news that your daughter can give to you but at the same time you can expect the next question after finding out all the juicy details: can you make time to speak at the wedding? For this, you can’t say “no”! Download 25 Speech Examples for the Bride’s Mother

A bride’s mother wedding speech is one of the fashionable customs that has gained a huge reputation in the old as well as in the modern times. Since the mother of the bride is one of the important ladies at her daughter’s wedding, she will be as occupied as the bride will be. Her main topic will be to assist and help out with the plans for the wedding, flower arrangements, all the women like to do that.

There are also a lot of things to arrange with the reception hall and then thank all the guests for their arrival. These things can keep a mother really busy, and her desire is to make sure that her daughter has the perfect day and that nothing will ruin this event. It is accustomed that the final costs or a part of them will be paid by the mother. This being the situation, everything must be according to the plan and very well organized.

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All this description can fit right in the reality for some readers who already have the experience of planning a wedding and not only being a part of it. Along with all the preparation, planning and running over and over again through the organizing part as a mother, you’ll have to make some time to write your speech.

Even if the responsibilities might seem to be issues that have intervened in your time to write and practice your wedding speech, you can now find out some perfect tips that will give you a clue on how to put it all together.

The first step that you’ll have to fulfil is not to panic, because being stressed won’t bring you any benefit. The right speech is all about being eloquent, funny at the same time, right for this occasion and more important: having that essence of reality.

Each occasion has some certain formulas that must be fulfilled in order to make your speech count. For example in this case, your daughter’s wedding must be impressive and touching so choose your theme as a mother to her daughter, find those suitable memories that link you two together and start from there. More Examples

I’m sure that in the number of the invited guests there are mothers who will understand this situation and if you appeal to this soft part between mother and daughter bond, more than half of them will feel involved in your mother of the bride speech and in the life situation that you’ve mentioned.

As a mother of the bride, try not to pause for too long between the sentences, and try not to speak for too long. The perfect time frame is usually comprised between two or three minutes, in which you’ll catch the attention of your audience by leaving them with a great memory. If you’ll speak for too long people will get bored, and you’ll lose their focus not to mention they will start speaking with each other.

You have to leave them with a good impression that you know exactly what you are doing, you know what the topic of your speech is and that your words will wrap them instantly and they will feel they can relate to what you are talking about.

Do not try to ramble but instead be a mother who speaks from one heart to another, be concise, point everything by skipping from a point of view to another but in a clever manner, and whatever you do be short and appropriate in your presentation.

To make it all a special moment, finish up by congratulating your daughter in being a married woman and beginning the journey on this road. As a mother, you should be aware that a speech has a short introduction, linked by a middle part and an ending that should remain in people’s minds.

You can use a quote in the ending of the speech. This quote is like a symbol of friendship with your daughter, the verses of a song, or some life experience and wise advices that will stay in her heart and all those that hear. Words can be powerful instruments if they are chosen wisely and spoken when needed. Click here for 25 Mother of the Bride Speech Examples

Take your time with the speech, and let the ideas flow out from inside of your being. As a mother, I’m sure that the life experience and early memories with your daughter can be a great story to tell to others that gathered for this occasion.

A lovely and powerful speech starts from the heart, and if you don’t have any ideas on how to write one you can inform yourself by searching for sites that are dedicated to this topic, or by reading books with great examples on how to write your speech.

If your time won’t allow it to you then you can ask for your friends who have already been through this experience with their children, and ideas will start to flow. After you’ve acquired as many examples as you could get, you can start putting all one piece after another and make your topic plan, what the theme is for this occasion, adapt any idea that leaves an impression on you and write a sketch of everything.

Don’t worry about editing yet, just write all you can think of and then begin to build your structure. Assuming that you already introduced yourself as being the mother of the bride, you can begin with the thanking section.

Here, you should add everyone on the list, generally people about who you know that they travelled from a long distance or had to fly in order to be here on this special occasion. But first to avoid unpleasant situations, thank every guest for making time to be at the wedding. You’ll see that this great welcoming pointed directly to them will make them feel important and taken into consideration.

For those people that you knew have come from far away, this thanking will definitely make a difference. Next in the speech you can add some details about the wedding and how it was to plan it, but also about the people who took days off to help with the planning. You can mention a few close cases and memories that you had by doing this. I’m sure that those people will feel that their work was appreciated.

It’s a great reward to hear their name spoken and added in your list, how their effort and their capacity to overcome the last minute difficulties were to be admired since at weddings many minute situations can intervene, but with the right people and their original ideas , nothing is impossible.

The last thing and yet one of the most important thing to add in your mother of the bride speech, is a short story of memorable days spent together with your daughter. Highlight the points of your special relationship with your daughter and how much this day means for you as well. You’ll find out that you can bring up tears in the eyes of many, since you brought up words of sincerity and truthful reality.

You can encourage other mothers as well, to search for great ideas that will bring a memorable speech in the sources that you found to be very innovating, inspiring and breath-taking.

But the essence of a memorable speech consists in the way you address the audience, in the way you live the words and not only recite them as poetry, but you actually transmit what you are feeling through them. A beautiful and authentic mother of the bride speech contains a part that is not seen, which stays in the hours of rehearsal (when you were able to memorize and practice every word and communicate a true meaning).

If you had experience to speak in front of a crowd then you should know that you address not only the newlyweds and the family, but you also make the guests feel a part of everything that is going on. You are the one who directs and influences the environment, and you are the one who makes it all happen.

For a better practice, start by asking the members of your family to play a little bit their part as an audience. That way, you’ll easily overcome all the fear of speaking in front of a public, and by getting used with many eyes following every move, you will be able to be more confident and on looking at them instead of your notes.

You can then record yourself, to see how all went and to correct the mistakes that appeared during your speech. You can find some useful information by watching yourself how you’ve done. Don’t forget to ask for a frank opinion from your family and for their advice.

Another step is to make sure that you have the right posture and the right attitude when the time comes. Try not to be rigid but natural, avoid treating everyone like you are in a hall of conference. These are your friends and today they are at your daughter’s wedding.

Try not to stare at someone as this will seem rather awkward, and avoid using the notes since the eye contact is one of the most important links of communication that can be established between people. Your body language and your gestures should denote a calm mood, and a relaxed way of doing things. Avoid gesticulating too much and trying to keep your hands near your body. The tone of your voice should be soft but at the same time not too soft, because you’ll want the guests to understand what you are saying.

As a mother, avoid being melodramatic. I’m not saying that you don’t have to show your feelings or to share them, but don’t transform everything in a soap opera. Let the words express what you are feeling and pause shortly where you are sure that is the right time to do so. Improving your diction can require from you to practice a little more, but trust me that in the end it’s all worth it, since you’ll make an impression and people will keep that in mind.

People are willing to listen to any speaker who has caught their attention in the first few minutes, and they have swung the words in a natural and original manner. You’ll have to combine the power of simple words with the power of delivering a speech and it all begins with the right attitude towards yourself, the event and the people to whom you are addressing those words.

So don’t hesitate and don’t give up, saying the right words is never too difficult if you have the right source of inspiration. As a mother, you’ll know that your gestures and your posture (not to mention the mimic of your face and body) will denote the state and will transmit lots of things. By combining them and making the necessary adjustments, you’ll give the impression that you were born with those skills to make people fall for what you are saying from the very beginning.

A mother of the bride speech is one of the speeches that have to be built in an informal manner because you are addressing (in a personal manner) a person who you love – your daughter. If you are a serious person and not accustomed with jokes, you can put a few formal ideas but only in the beginning. After all it is about your daughter and the one who she is getting married with.

Even if you don’t agree with her future husband but you were invited to the wedding and to hold a speech, try to keep it for yourself and try to use positive thoughts about the whole situation, because you don’t want to ruin this. Diplomacy is the best manner to treat the whole situation and since it is your daughter’s most important day, try to get used with the idea that she made her choice. Be at her side and this will count the most.

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