Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech Emotions

It might seem very simple when you think about giving your mother of the bride speech – but reality is different when you think twice. The real deal is that you will have many emotions, and you can’t ignore them before and during the speech. Furthermore, you can’t let the feelings control the situation, because it’s better to get them under your control. Find Here 25 Mother of the Bride Speech Examples

What you need to begin successfully

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The first thing you need to deal with is the beginning. I am not talking about the beginning of the speech, I am talking about the beginning of your preparations before you need to give the mother of the bride speech.

Make sure you have the necessary amount of mother-daughter talk before you find yourself in the situation of speaking. You will have weeks and probably months to do that. Believe it or not, it’s not just a simple thing. You will need to spend as much time with her as possible. This happens due to the following:

  • You need to understand her better. You can’t write an amazing speech if you don’t know too much about your daughter’s present and future. Of course, you know a lot of things about her past, but it’s even better if you get to know the today and the tomorrow.
  • The emotions you have must be set loose. You can’t go in front of the guests and family members and start speaking when you’re freaked out by all the feelings and things running through your mind.
  • Your daughter needs your help. This might be in shopping, in spending time, in whatever else. So, it’s always great to be there for her when she needs you the most.

Then, be open towards your husband. You need to tell the mother of the bride wedding speech, but then your husband must also speak. It’s not too great if you don’t consult each other and in the end you talk about the same things. If you talk about the same things, your daughter and the guests will also believe that you have some problems in the marriage because you weren’t even able to consult each other. MORE Speeches for the Bride’s Mother

You can’t really go out and speak without some notes. You need to prepare your thoughts in advance. If you expect yourself to find the right words on the spot, then you’re wrong. Many people have tried that, mothers and fathers, but they all failed because they found themselves too stressed and too anxious, so in the end they weren’t able to speak a quality wedding speech.

How you express the thoughts

It always makes a difference: whether you tell things normally or people simply notice that you didn’t find the right words and you are bubbling, no idea about expressing yourself. It’s the best if you can give yourself enough time to choose the words of the speech.

These things, with the mother of the bride speech, won’t come in 5 or 10 minutes. Maybe it would even last more than 10 days. What is important is that you need to give yourself enough time, so that you make sure that you’ve already chosen the best possible words.

Another common mistake is that some people don’t like to ask for help, because they simply can’t admit the fact that they need help. Obviously, anyone would feel way better if they knew they asked for no help and were able to manage everything, but it’s a foolish way to think. It’s not like asking for help would cost thousands of dollars. All you need is asking family and asking friends.

Asking friends must be done separately and then asking family members is also a different thing. You should never combine them, because it might result in foolish endings, things you never wanted. If you have friends who had their mother of the bride speeches recently – it’s excellent if you manage to meet them and have a chat. They can be mothers of your age, younger, older, because it doesn’t make a difference. As long as they went through it, they can give you great tips. However, you should never be limited after hearing the first person who is able to give you some hints. Maybe that those things she used with her speech were amazing in that case, but maybe the same things wouldn’t help your case. It’s a matter of perspective and it’s also a matter of personalities: your daughter is not identical to her daughter.

During these meetings, you can also tell your friends about the things you feel. They will feel honored to hear from you and to know that you seek advice and wisdom in these matters. Of course, after listening to you, they will all tell you something and let you know about what they think and what they consider to be a valid solution for your case. It’s great to listen, even if you have a slight impression that you disagree. All of this will lead to a proper expression of your feelings, because while people who are in the outside give you their suggestions, you will have a better understanding of the entire event and the speech.

Family is different. You should never assume that consulting family members is unnecessary or lame. It’s not true. Family members will always be there, and it can be your other children, your husband, your parents, your cousins – anyone can be of help. Obviously, the more you ask, the wider the variety of opinions gets. Still, that is not a problem and not a thing to worry about. As you get to see how everyone has their own points of view, you will know how to speak during the mother of the bride speech in a way that you touch everyone’s heart. Also, family is always there to tell you about your mistakes. Maybe some of your friends would rather tell you “it’s all fine, dear” to not hurt you. On the contrary, family members won’t hesitate to be honest. That is good – because you need honesty in such issues!

Using the home alone technique, and making use of the mirror

When you are home alone, you can have more courage to start pretending that the wedding day is here and you are actually speaking. You won’t be overloaded with stress and emotions like “who is going to hear me saying stupid things” – you will simply enjoy practicing at home, alone. It doesn’t have to be long, it’s not necessary to be alone for 2-3 hours in order to have a great exercise. You can even use 5 minutes or 10 minutes, because even a 5-minute period is enough to progress with your mother of the bride speech. Also, these things are necessary. If the wedding day is the first day in your life to say the speech with your voice, loudly, then you have failed. Don’t let yourself fall into any trap of such failure, because it’s quite unpleasant – and unnecessary.

Then, mirror is gold in such times. You can make more use of the mirror than ever before, because this time it’s not just for getting dressed or putting some makeup on. You see, the mirror technique is meant for you to get used to the idea of speaking in the front. You stand up, pretend your speech is in process, and you stand in front of the mirror. That way, it’s always easy for you to see something like “oh, I stand like I want to break something” or “oh, this makeup is too exaggerated”. These might seem very tiny details, but at the right moment, these become vital and you need to make sure that you have taken all of them into consideration. You don’t need to feel ashamed due to using a mirror. It’s not like other people didn’t do the same in their situations. By using the mirror, all you achieve is that you get more professional each and every time. As soon as you notice some mistakes of yours, you can simply take some attitude and make sure to correct those mistakes. If you don’t correct them – your performance will be weaker and not so impressive. You always need to understand how the speech day will be, because having all eyes set on you is different.

Get used to being watched and followed

The truth is that during your daughter’s wedding, when you begin saying your bride’s mother speech, people will start looking to you and they will start following you. If they don’t do that, it’s a very bad sign, because it means that your speech got to be so boring that nobody cares about it. So, the best thing is to assume that people will keep all eyes on you – because that is also a confirmation that you are doing great.

While your brain might now say “yes, so true” and admit this information, when you are there in person it all changes. Your brain will reach to say things like “hey, your voice is just not right” and then “hey, that person is making fun of you” or “your dress doesn’t fit you” and all kinds of different thoughts. When your brain assaults you with these things, you need to be in great practice and exercise to not be hurt and touched by such thoughts. That is why you will need to get used to being watched and followed.

One of the first ways to do this is either doing it with your husband or 2-3 best friends of yours. You can have your husband or best friends come in your room and listen to you speaking, pretending it’s the wedding day. This way, your brain will get used to the fact that dear ones and guests are going to listen and watch you speaking, moving, and doing whatever you do. It’s good to have such practice, because it makes it way easier afterwards. Then, you will need to ask them to be critics. You shouldn’t call them to tell you “you’re great” or “perfect” or whatever else. You call them to hear the truth, to know what is to be improved in time. The sooner you know, the better you handle it!

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