Mother of the bride wedding speech

mother of the brideDuring any wedding ceremony, the mother of the bride speech is not the easiest moment of the entire ceremony. Unlike the father of the bride speech, the mother speech is filled with more emotions. It’s not hard to understand why all these emotions. This all happens because of the special bond every mother and daughter has: those “girl things”. Of course, you should take your time to practice your speech and focus on the expressivity, accuracy of the expressed thoughts and the overall flow of the speech as well as emotion control. You know, it’s easy to keep your emotions under control before the ceremony, but it’s ten times harder during the ceremony. One of the best ideas to go with is having a makeup that is really waterproof so that tears wouldn’t ruin your special makeup.
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Offering a well-prepared mother speech shouldn’t be too different from other wedding speeches. It is still a special type of speech, because the parents of the newlyweds always play the most significant roles during the wedding speeches.

To start with, it is a great open-up to welcome your guests. Give special attention to the people who had to cancel important meetings or even trips in order to be there for the wedding ceremony. It is also quite frequent that some people or groups of people help you a lot while organizing the wedding itself. It’s also a good think to show your appreciation towards their helpful and remarkable efforts.

The next thing included in the mother of the bride speech is talking about the newlyweds. Of course, this particular part of the speech is divided in two, talking about the daughter and then talking about the groom and both of them together as a pair. Usually, this is when emotions take over control and you might feel an urge to cry because you’re so overwhelmed with emotions that you can’t even hold back your tears. It is not a shame and it is not embarrassing if you will cry while offering your speech. However, try to make sure that crying time is significantly less than talking time. People would feel shocked if you cried for 3 minutes after speaking only 1 minute’s time.

In this main part of the mother of the bride speech, you should talk about how you understand and accept that your daughter is now a lady, mature and able to take her own decisions. It is also pleasant to welcome the groom into your family, making him feel good and comfortable whenever he will be around you due to any occasion.

Sharing words of wisdom should also become part of any mother of the bride wedding speech. The newlyweds aren’t experienced in what marriage is about and it’s good for them to hear some wise pieces of advice from the ones that are closest to them: their parents.

Of course, to have a really high quality wedding speech, you must make sure that your speech doesn’t get longer than 5 minutes and that the things you talk about aren’t sad things!


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