Mother of the Bride Speech Ideas and Structure

Writing and editing your bride’s mother wedding speech will always require new ideas, new concepts and a lot of dedication from your side, to make it become an amazing speech. In this article, we are focused on how a great mother of the bride speech can be written. To understand things better, the article is broken up to multiple parts. Each part is equally important, thus I recommend that you pay the maximum of possible attention to all we are going to write below. Find here MORE Bride’s Mother Speech Samples

A good structure and indication as to how one should write her mother of the bride speech

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Interestingly, the speech often depends on the structure. The structure, as soon as it is kept in mind when writing the final version (or draft version) of the speech, will definitely strengthen the impact of the speech.

Introduction. Why welcoming and presenting is important

In the introduction, it is very important, that you present yourself and then to welcome the guests. Many women or men (because there are fathers, best men, etc. speaking) don’t understand the real significance of such gestures. First of all, being at a wedding means that you are a respectful mother. It is not only about your daughter, but it is also about the respect you give to your guests. More Speeches

Then, what other great form of respect is there to give to your guests, other than welcoming them all and expressing your happiness and thoughts or feelings (positive ones) towards them?

Also, you might wrongly think that people definitely know how you are the mother of the bride. Well, while most people, most of the guests will know about this information, other people have absolutely no idea about it. So, the introduction of your speech is important. It isn’t only about presenting you, as how prepared you were before the event, but it is also a fire starter or fire killer of the entire presentation you are going to give.


What comes after the intro? You need to talk about your daughter

Obviously, as soon as the introduction is made, you need to focus on your daughter. This is probably something of which you think that it’s the simplest possible thing to do, but let me tell you how wrong you are. This is the part where too many mothers will cause a lot of boredom or will show how selfish they are. No, these things I have written about here aren’t necessarily things you were looking for, neither are they intentional things. However, unfortunately, they are true in most cases if you are not attentive enough.

So, what can you as a woman, as a mother to make sure that none of the above mentioned things happen with your daughter’s wedding? There are a couple of rules to follow:

  • Make sure that you don’t talk more than 2 minutes about your daughter. Why so few minutes? Firstly, the speech should never be longer than 5 minutes, this having the toast proposal included. Then, it’s also about the groom. What kind of union is it, if it’s only about one party or the other? So, please think of what the groom would feel in those moments.
  • Be well prepared and leave out anything that isn’t something to be said with this occasion. Even if you consider many things to be told during the wedding speech you give, it is mostly not appropriate to do so.
  • Don’t make an impression that the speech is about you or your daughter. It’s all about the couple, period. Nothing more or less than this is true. This is the only thing that goes!

So, if the above mentioned things don’t fall of your list of priorities, then it’s all going to be great. Make sure to be prepared for this part so that nothing would go wrong.

Talking about the groom

It is very important to give like a minute for the groom. Yes, it is the mother of the bride speech, but he is now part of the family. Even if you had any sort of discussions in the past, you must leave the past in the past and think of the future. By not respecting the groom in the present, all you can “win” is a lot of arguments, hatred and everything that stands against the family’s union. Wouldn’t be such a pleasant gift for your life, would it? And, you know, it’s not hard to talk about him. You know him, you know what the best about his personality and character is, and thus it’s simple to do it.

However, some mothers think a bit differently, and that isn’t wrong either. They prefer talking about the newly wedded couple, making sure to talk about the groom as well. This is a great idea also, and you can use it if you consider it better than talking about the groom only.

Regardless of your choice, this part should last for like a minute.

Some thoughts about love, marriage or wisdom

These things are also very important in a speech, but shouldn’t take more than half of a minute. I am saying about such durations, since it is very important to also have some time in which you can propose the toast. The toast proposal is like the final moment of the speech and it’s very important.

Now, talking about love, marriage or wisdom, you need to make your choice. However, any choice you’d make, it doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about all of these aspects at once (meaning that you can talk about them in this part, about all of them).

For love, you can either use a true story, a poem or your own story as an inspiration. Or you can simply say general truths, such as that love means that you aren’t looking for each other’s mistakes and past faults, but you decide to get over them and look always on the bright side.

Then, about marriage, it’s a bit harder if, for instance, you had a divorce. In this case, I recommend that you avoid this subject. Otherwise, it’s something you can talk about and something you should talk about.

Then, all of the things you said about love and marriage also have to do with wisdom, quite a lot. So, make sure that any words of wisdom represent true wisdom. It is very easy to do that, because there are so many great stories online, as well as amazing quotes and sayings about wisdom in love. You can also use some romantic movies or books to be inspired from.

The final part – proposing the toast

The mother of the bride speech toast proposal is a very important part, because this is when everyone is going to stand up, raise their glasses and shout “cheers” or something similar.

One of the most important aspects here is having a good text for your toast proposal. If you have it at hand, it’s a lot better and your own proposal is going to be of very high quality. So, all you need is some time to write your own toast proposal text or research texts that others have written. For instance, there are great movies and books to give you ideas. These sources will give dozens, or even hundreds of great ideas. All you need to do is stay open-minded, and then you can truly be inspired and apply some great knowledge, putting it into practice at the right time.

Being prepared emotionally is important

Here is something that can affect you negatively, if you don’t pay enough attention. So, make sure that whatever you do, you are prepared considering the emotional factors.

Dealing with your feelings

You truly have a lot of feelings for the bride, which is understandable, as you are her mother, you were the one to have her inside you for like 9 months. Yes, this is why often mothers are so strongly bounded with their children. So, make sure that these emotions can’t get you off the track, off the good focus you need to keep.

Some of your feelings are ones that need to be expressed during the speech, while othes aren’t. For instance, if you have a feeling that you are not sure about how the future is going to be, if you don’t know how to deal with the idea of letting your daughter go (because you don’t know whether she will be able to successfully make it through life or not, and many other harmful thoughts like that), or anything else, then you should never even mention it, not even before, during or after the speech.

On the other hand, if you feel a strong love for your daughter, then that is something you must truly mention and talk about in front of the family members and guests as well. This will not only make her feel proud about you, but it is also something very memorable and something that will definitely touch people’s hearts.

Getting over the emotions of speaking in front of the guests

This is something many women (and men, too) are confronted with. If you don’t know how to get over it, it’s a big problem, because you will find it pretty hard to control, once you’re in front of the mike. But how can one get over this, especially if she is not a person to often speak in front of a big audience?

The first thing, which is very important, is that you have things prepared. Unless this is assured, you can’t really overcome such feelings and difficulties further. Then, it is also about practicing. The best practice is either the mirror or friends and family members.

Let’s first mention the mirror. If you use the mirror, you should use it to read the speech loudly, making sure that you use a good intonation and making sure that your voice doesn’t shake. Then, it is also something to reveal you if you have any problems in gestures, facial expressions or anything else like that. Then, having the family members sitting on the couch, while you are speaking in front of them is the ultimate exercise. Family members will never feel ashamed to tell you that you have made an awful or an amazing job, depending on how well you were able to perform.

Inviting friends will also work, because it’s a situation that is similar to what happens with family members. You get to be criticized and also you are able to develop a feeling of safety, while you know that all eyes are on you and that everyone is paying attention to what you say.

Being prepared with the text of your mother of the bride speech

Having a text prepared, way before the event occurs, is highly important. If you fail to do that, it is very hard to handle anything afterwards. But, on the other hand, if you can do it, then it’s very easy to speak accordingly and make as few mistakes as possible.

Start small, with everything. Don’t expect, from the first day, that in a couple of hours you are going to have the final and perfect version of your wedding speech. This is an illusion, something that will never happen. However, if you give yourself enough time, then you will succeed. You need to dedicate yourself way before, beginning weeks or months before the actual speech. If you give yourself that time amount to prepare, you will unavoidably succeed. If you fail to do that, it’s hard.

Then, you will probably have a first draft version. The first draft is often only a list of ideas. Is there anything wrong with that? No, because that is what starting small means. Then, starting with each idea that appears on your draft list, you can develop the speech content further.

Probably, the second and third draft versions will be a mixture of text (speech body text) and lists. That is also great, because with every new draft, you are steps closer to the final version. So, it is something you should be encouraged to do!

Then, to make sure that you respect everything, make sure to structure it accordingly. In this article, above, we have talked about how the structuring is done. It is also essential to listen to some wedding speeches. Where to find them? Facebook, YouTube and other websites are full of these. Where you find them, is not a problem, just make sure to listen to them. This helps you to form a personal idea on how it is done, and also gives you a lot of inspiration.

Then, with these videos, you will learn gestures and body language. You see, it is very important to use these things accordingly, with your mother of the bride speech. It is also important to keep the five minute limit of your speech. If you disrespect this part, you can easily fall into causing boredom or being disrespectful in front of the family members and guests.


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