Mother of the Bride Speech Composition

First, there was the bride …

A mother of the bride speech could not exist, if there wasn’t a beautiful bride to celebrate. Well, this time it’s your daughter and it’s time to enjoy the event to the fullest. Still, there are concerns, thoughts, issues that often arise due to a mother of the bride speech. If it was for the speech only – life would’ve been simpler. Things stand higher. The problem is the amount of duties, the involvement and everything that today comes with organizing a wedding.

As you know, as the parents of the bride, you and your husband play a very important role. Many things fall under your hands, and you need to get over them and solve them, even when there is no prior experience. It’s all a matter of patience, informing yourself and just allowing your brain to relax while you start dealing every matter, just one by one. Download 25 Bride’s Mother Speech Examples

Make sure you know everything about your daughter in this time. You need to know her feelings, what makes her happy, what dissatisfies her. About dissatisfaction – it’s not to be included in the speech, but it is something to think about because maybe you can help her get over it. Also, as a woman, you can understand what she’s going through. Maybe your husband get it all into understanding, but you can. That’s important – this is why you can write a great speech!

Introduce the speech

The mother of the bride speech must begin with an introduction. Even if it was a unique case for you and your guests all knew who you were, you still need to make sure you present them with an introduction. Yes, it’s also your duty to say that you are the mother of the bride.

As an addition, you could speak about her dress, about the event itself and how the weather and the season helped this event become perfect. Such details are amazing, and are good to be included. By doing this, you will capture attention in a special way.

Bride, bride – it’s her time!

This probably is the favorite moment for you, as it would be for every mother on this planet. You are surely amazed, full of joy and eagerly looking forward to present the speech because it’s mostly about your daughter. Of course, you should never forget about the groom. It is important to have a balance between the two of them, and even if you will normally talk more about your daughter, you need to do it in a way that the groom, your son-in-law, is included.

At first, you can talk about the beginning of her life. It’s not like a full description, but you can mention how she was – like the best of her personality, habits and hobbies. You can reflect on the good parts and even if she had her fault and bad parts, don’t put focus on them. You need to elevate the way she is so special for you as a mother, and naturally for her husband too.

Think about special talents that your daughter has. She must have many things that make her the way she is today, things that you can call special and unique in her life. All of these sides of her personality build up her character: who she really is. Thus, you need to make sure everyone present will know about the amazing truth. Is she a person who loves to help? Is she the one to bring a smile on any sad person’s face? Or is it that she is selfless and willing to give up on free time to make something happen for someone else? Any of these traits are to be known by the guests.

Of course, presenting your daughter and how special she is should also include mother-daughter moments. You can tell everyone how you spent time together, why you enjoyed being with your daughter and other similar details. You don’t need to have 10 minutes of details here, but you can mention a few things in a minute or so. People will surely be excited about this, because they came for her and the groom. It is also good if you can tell everyone about her, because then your daughter will feel very proud for having an amazing mother. I am sure such details always cheer up everyone.

Now, considering why your daughter is special, there came a moment when this man, the groom, fell in love with her. Obviously it is only the two of them who really know the small details of falling in love and being together, but as a mother you surely know part of the story: a significant part. Thus, you can tell everyone how proud you are to have your daughter as happy as she now is. You can also elevate how their relationship evolved, how they grew together into a great relationship. The moments he brought her flowers, took her out to romantic dinners, when they moved in together, got engaged and all that – it surely means a lot for all of you. It is always great for a mother to remember why her daughter is happy and made a great choice. By remembering, you also calm your spirit down and assure yourself again that she is in good hands.

About the groom – don’t skip this part!

You will definitely need to talk somehow about the groom too. I understand that you don’t know him as well as you know your own daughter, but he is the second half of why the event is important. This means, unavoidably, that you can’t go silent about him. Click Here for MORE Samples

What makes him a great husband? How do you know that he will match your daughter? What did you see as something special or as something to be valued in a man in 2015? When was the moment when you already had a clue that he will be your son-in law? The answers to all these questions, and to many more, can give you great ideas about why and how this man is the right one, and also how you can talk about him.

You need to make sure that you will offer your appreciation towards his family. In every wedding, the families of the young lovebirds play important roles in organizing, financial support and making sure everything goes on perfectly. It’s always a lot of hassle for the youngsters to arrange everything, and that’s why parents can help so much with their wisdom and experience. So, as long as the groom’s family will hear that you have noticed and appreciate what they did, it’s all very good. More than this, you should also make sure that you talk about the fact that you have now accepted him as your own son and that you look at him dearly, as if he was truly one of your children. This will make the connection between the two families easier, and will also be great in front of the guests to hear. Obviously, you can’t fake such nice words, because people know if your intentions are different than what you say. You always need to make sure that you are honest and speak from an open heart and mind. People who came to honor your families have made this decision because they appreciate the couple, so you can’t ruin that good image the couple built up.

If you know anything special or funny about your son-in-law, you can talk about it. You just need to make sure he won’t be offended by anything you’d say, and as long as you know it’s safe, you can speak out. Are you a funny person? Make a nice joke, never exaggerated, but fitting perfectly into what a wedding speech means.

Get the body language right

Yes, you will need a proper body language for the entire speech. To understand what I am talking about, think about these aspects: the eyes, hands, body position, tone of your voice. These together, combined, will define your body language. There is no one-sentence definition, and probably a paragraph defining the body language would be extremely long – but you can find videos online with successful wedding speeches and learn from them!

Final lines in the speech

Closing the mother of the bride speech is sometimes even harder than opening it. You already are towards the end, your brain starts having newer ideas about other things you can present. What should you do? What is the best moment to stop and how can you end a speech without making it look forced? Will people be bored until you reach the end, or can you keep them engaged? I have asked these questions to make you think about certain aspects. In order to have a great speech, even when the end of it comes, people still need to feel involved and engaged. If they do, it’s all safe and it’s all nice. If they don’t? Well, then they will surely feel bored by everything you say. Yes, everything.

You can either choose to speak some words that come from a wise, experienced mother’s heart or you can choose to read or quote some words from a book, magazine or other written material. While quoting is the best, reading isn’t a shame if it’s necessary. What is better? Many times, there’s no better, it’s only up to what you decide. However, make sure you say something! Find Here 25 Mother of the Bride Speech Examples

Then, obviously, you will need to propose a toast. This is another part where you might feel panicked, wondering how on earth you could make up a great text. As a guideline, you can check various websites that handle toasting at weddings. Even if it’s not the mother of the bride speech toast, you can get the main idea from any wedding speech toast example you will find online. Still, after reading dozens of them, you will find out that it’s actually pretty straightforward to compose your own version and say it. Of course, you need to intonate it properly and raise a glass – perhaps say “cheers” in the end too! Yes, if you have any different idea, anything works as long as it comes from an honest heart. That’s the ideal way to close your mother of the bride speech.

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