Mother of the Bride Speech

Mother of the Bride Wedding SpeechLike most mothers, it’s like a dream come true to finally attend your daughter’s wedding and give out your mother of the bride wedding speech. I can still remember the time when my daughter asked me to do a parents’ joint wedding speech for her and her husband, Gary, on their wedding day.

However, after the whole ridiculous show of excitement, I seemed to have totally ignored a weeny tiny bit of detail – I don’t know how to make the best speech! And so, there went my utmost dilemma. One of my friends recommended that I try finding it from online sites and so I did. There were millions of wedding speech sites and I was quite overwhelmed, however, there was only one that I found truthfully helpful.

You see, I’ve always been a doting mama – a ridiculous child spoiler, if you may say, and I love my children to bits that I feed them everytime they open their mouths. Okay, that was a little exaggerated. But like most mothers, I want the best for my child and until the big day of my daughter’s life. I want to feed her the best – if not, something that she would never forget.

Actually, I know what I was going to say. I have a long line of heartfelt memories that I want to share to the 400 people who I know would be present at that ceremony but I had problems with the wordings. When I went to this online source and got hold of its mother of the bride wedding speech program, I was quite surprised to stumble upon a huge volume of samples that it was quite impossible not to find something too close to what you have in mind.

I’ve learned some good tips from my browsing and found out that there are actually some things to follow to be able to come up with an awesome mother of the bride speech.

First is to give a great opening line. Make a timeless joke, or something unique yet witty and crowd-appetizing. There are a lot of sources for great one-liners and wedding jokes so you can easily find them. Next is to offer thanks and voice out some of your observations of the wedding. Third is to comment about your role as the mother of the bride. Follow this with some affectionate and loving words to your daughter. Tell the crowd about some fun stories during her childhood if you like. Proceed with a short version of the couple’s love story from your point of view. Then start saying something about your future son-in-law and welcome him to the family. Your mother speech will also not be completed without giving some “tips” and “words of wisdom” about love and marriage. Personal experience with your own husband and how you battled against the odds will surely tug some hearts. Express your confidence of the couple’s future relationships and wish them happiness. End your speech like how you started it – humorous, thoughtful, one-liners, jokes or poems. Or maybe a toast.

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