Preparing and Delivering a Bride’s Mother Wedding Speech

It all starts with the most important affirmation that a mother can get from her daughter: “I’m getting married, mom”. This is one of the most important news that your daughter can give to you but at the same time you can expect the next question after finding out all the juicy details: can you make time to speak at the wedding? For this, you can’t say “no”! Download 25 Speech Examples for the Bride’s Mother

A bride’s mother wedding speech is one of the fashionable customs that has gained a huge reputation in the old as well as in the modern times. Since the mother of the bride is one of the important ladies at her daughter’s wedding, she will be as occupied as the bride will be. Her main topic will be to assist and help out with the plans for the wedding, flower arrangements, all the women like to do that.

There are also a lot of things to arrange with the reception hall and then thank all the guests for their arrival. These things can keep a mother really busy, and her desire is to make sure that her daughter has the perfect day and that nothing will ruin this event. It is accustomed that the final costs or a part of them will be paid by the mother. This being the situation, everything must be according to the plan and very well organized.

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All this description can fit right in the reality for some readers who already have the experience of planning a wedding and not only being a part of it. Along with all the preparation, planning and running over and over again through the organizing part as a mother, you’ll have to make some time to write your speech.

Even if the responsibilities might seem to be issues that have intervened in your time to write and practice your wedding speech, you can now find out some perfect tips that will give you a clue on how to put it all together.

The first step that you’ll have to fulfil is not to panic, because being stressed won’t bring you any benefit. The right speech is all about being eloquent, funny at the same time, right for this occasion and more important: having that essence of reality.

Each occasion has some certain formulas that must be fulfilled in order to make your speech count. For example in this case, your daughter’s wedding must be impressive and touching so choose your theme as a mother to her daughter, find those suitable memories that link you two together and start from there. More Examples

I’m sure that in the number of the invited guests there are mothers who will understand this situation and if you appeal to this soft part between mother and daughter bond, more than half of them will feel involved in your mother of the bride speech and in the life situation that you’ve mentioned. More

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Mother of the Bride Speech Ideas and Structure

Writing and editing your bride’s mother wedding speech will always require new ideas, new concepts and a lot of dedication from your side, to make it become an amazing speech. In this article, we are focused on how a great mother of the bride speech can be written. To understand things better, the article is broken up to multiple parts. Each part is equally important, thus I recommend that you pay the maximum of possible attention to all we are going to write below. Find here MORE Bride’s Mother Speech Samples

A good structure and indication as to how one should write her mother of the bride speech

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Interestingly, the speech often depends on the structure. The structure, as soon as it is kept in mind when writing the final version (or draft version) of the speech, will definitely strengthen the impact of the speech.

Introduction. Why welcoming and presenting is important

In the introduction, it is very important, that you present yourself and then to welcome the guests. Many women or men (because there are fathers, best men, etc. speaking) don’t understand the real significance of such gestures. First of all, being at a wedding means that you are a respectful mother. It is not only about your daughter, but it is also about the respect you give to your guests. More Speeches

Then, what other great form of respect is there to give to your guests, other than welcoming them all and expressing your happiness and thoughts or feelings (positive ones) towards them?

Also, you might wrongly think that people definitely know how you are the mother of the bride. Well, while most people, most of the guests will know about this information, other people have absolutely no idea about it. So, the introduction of your speech is important. It isn’t only about presenting you, as how prepared you were before the event, but it is also a fire starter or fire killer of the entire presentation you are going to give.


What comes after the intro? You need to talk about your daughter

Obviously, as soon as the introduction is made, you need to focus on your daughter. This is probably something of which you think that it’s the simplest possible thing to do, but let me tell you how wrong you are. This is the part where too many mothers will cause a lot of boredom or will show how selfish they are. No, these things I have written about here aren’t necessarily things you were looking for, neither are they intentional things. However, unfortunately, they are true in most cases if you are not attentive enough. More

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Tips for Bride’s Mother Speech in 2014

Like in life, at a wedding many situations can occur that will take you by surprise, then the most important thing is not to panic, just stay calm and think of a solution that will help you make the next step. Let’s just say that you’ve written your mother of the bride speech and you’ve rehearsed with the correct mimic in front of a mirror with your family and friends, while they were being gathered together to support you and to help you with new and interesting ideas. All in all, you’ve succeed to create those perfect ideas that matched together to make a cursive and very attracting and good quality speech. Here you will find 25 Speech Examples mother of the bride wedding speechBut you, as a mother of the bride, are put in some situations that you will have to overcome, so what then? Well in those cases, here are some tips which will help you a lot to face some crisis situations that involve speeches, situations which won’t be an impediment in your daughter’s wedding with the chosen one of her heart. More Mother of the Bride Speeches Here Let’s just assume a few different situations in which you’ll have to rapidly take some important decisions that will also change the course of your speech and the way of presenting it. You will, as a mother, be put in the scene fact of speaking in the place of your late husband and the father of your daughter. This is of course one of the emotional types of speeches that will mark the audience and the emotions of the newly wedding couple.

bride's mother

So like in any other family, the crucial point is how much of your speech you’ll concentrate on their relationship as daughter to father. You’ll have to keep in mind that this is a happy day, not a day of regret and sorrow, so it’s for the best to make a description that involves a lot of the good moments the two of them had, and how proud he was of his daughter achievements. More

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Unique Mother of the Bride Speech Example

Writing a great mother of the bride wedding speech is a fairly complex thing to do, with essential elements and parts to keep in mind. What do you need to look after when editing your mother of the bride speech? The following tips should all be taken into consideration

( Download 25 Speech Examples):

  • Make sure to include every single piece of essential information you’d like to talk about. I repeat: essential information only
  • Have your own uniqueness. Wouldn’t be nice if someone did a Google search on your speech and then found out that you copied that speech from someone else!
  • Show your acceptance and understanding, even if you have “feelings” that the wedding should’ve been delayed or that the groom isn’t the right person or anything like it. A lot of mothers fail to realize that their daughters’ soul mates are the men making their daughters happy. Your daughter has different tastes and personality, which means that she wouldn’t like the same type of men you would. That’s why the above mentioned feelings are mostly wrong and should be ignored. Even if you are certain of your feelings, show positive feelings during the wedding speech, but never negative ones.
  • Try including some jokes if you like – however, this is not at all mandatory or necessary. I’ve heard great speeches without one joke being said, whereas I heard speeches flooded with jokes which were also great and meaningful.
  • Do not ignore formalities. Yes, you might say they are boring but listen – what would you think about the President if he’d ignore being formal and would talk in a jargon? Wouldn’t make him a good president, would it?
  • Share stories (short stories) that have an essential thing to say, an important life lesson to teach.

I am now jumping straight into the mother of the bride speech example, but remember that it isn’t here for copy pasting. However, I strongly endorse that you use ideas presented here, that you use the style presented here, but only if it’s adequate for your daughter’s wedding.
Click Here for more Speech Samples

“Good afternoon everyone! My name is Jessica and I’m the mother of Elisa. I am very proud to be celebrating my daughter’s wedding with so many people present here and I wish to thank you for everything, especially being thankful to everyone who had to sacrifice something or had a hard time getting here on time. More
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Mother of the bride wedding speech

mother of the brideDuring any wedding ceremony, the mother of the bride speech is not the easiest moment of the entire ceremony. Unlike the father of the bride speech, the mother speech is filled with more emotions. It’s not hard to understand why all these emotions. This all happens because of the special bond every mother and daughter has: those “girl things”. Of course, you should take your time to practice your speech and focus on the expressivity, accuracy of the expressed thoughts and the overall flow of the speech as well as emotion control. You know, it’s easy to keep your emotions under control before the ceremony, but it’s ten times harder during the ceremony. One of the best ideas to go with is having a makeup that is really waterproof so that tears wouldn’t ruin your special makeup.
Click Here for 25 Memorable Wedding Speech Examples
Offering a well-prepared mother speech shouldn’t be too different from other wedding speeches. It is still a special type of speech, because the parents of the newlyweds always play the most significant roles during the wedding speeches.

To start with, it is a great open-up to welcome your guests. Give special attention to the people who had to cancel important meetings or even trips in order to be there for the wedding ceremony. It is also quite frequent that some people or groups of people help you a lot while organizing the wedding itself. It’s also a good think to show your appreciation towards their helpful and remarkable efforts.

The next thing included in the mother of the bride speech is talking about the newlyweds. Of course, this particular part of the speech is divided in two, talking about the daughter and then talking about the groom and both of them together as a pair. Usually, this is when emotions take over control and you might feel an urge to cry because you’re so overwhelmed with emotions that you can’t even hold back your tears. It is not a shame and it is not embarrassing if you will cry while offering your speech. However, try to make sure that crying time is significantly less than talking time. People would feel shocked if you cried for 3 minutes after speaking only 1 minute’s time.

In this main part of the mother of the bride speech, you should talk about how you understand and accept that your daughter is now a lady, mature and able to take her own decisions. It is also pleasant to welcome the groom into your family, making him feel good and comfortable whenever he will be around you due to any occasion.

Sharing words of wisdom should also become part of any mother of the bride wedding speech. The newlyweds aren’t experienced in what marriage is about and it’s good for them to hear some wise pieces of advice from the ones that are closest to them: their parents.

Of course, to have a really high quality wedding speech, you must make sure that your speech doesn’t get longer than 5 minutes and that the things you talk about aren’t sad things!

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Mother of the Bride Speech

Mother of the Bride Wedding SpeechLike most mothers, it’s like a dream come true to finally attend your daughter’s wedding and give out your mother of the bride wedding speech. I can still remember the time when my daughter asked me to do a parents’ joint wedding speech for her and her husband, Gary, on their wedding day.

However, after the whole ridiculous show of excitement, I seemed to have totally ignored a weeny tiny bit of detail – I don’t know how to make the best speech! And so, there went my utmost dilemma. One of my friends recommended that I try finding it from online sites and so I did. There were millions of wedding speech sites and I was quite overwhelmed, however, there was only one that I found truthfully helpful. More

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Bride Wedding Speech

As I was looking for bride wedding speech resources online and while posting in some wedding forum, I was able to get valuable tips on how to compose the perfect bride wedding speech and I’ve come up with an outline to go through based on the different online sources and from advise of previous brides-to-be as well.


Usually, an opening line includes some preliminaries like a verbal show of gratitude for the people who had made the wedding possible especially the ones who had participated and are currently present. You can also give some short praises for your parents for the gift of life and purpose. Also say something nice about the groom’s parents and voice out your gratitude if you must. If you want, it is optional to talk a bit about the ceremony in general but keep it short but genuine at the same time. More

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